Laboratory of Bioenergy Science and Technology

Department of applied life sciences
School of life sciences
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life SciencesACCESS

About us

A huge diversity of microbes are present on our planet, yet most of them are unknown to us. They must have a variety of unknown potentials, many of which may beuseful for humans. Our aims are:
(1) to isolate and characterize as-yet-unknown microbes in nature,
(2) to characterize their genetic, genomic, phisiological and ecological features,
(3) to utilize them for improving our social and industrial activities.

Microbial fuel cells; methanogenic anaerobic digestion; fermentation; wastewater treatment; activated sludge; biofilm; metabolic engineering; metagenomics; transcriptomics


Kazuya Watanabe, PhD, professor
email: kazuyaw(at)
Atsushi Kouzuma, PhD, assistant professor Microbiome developed on an anode
email: akouzuma(at)

Morio Miyahara, PhD, researcher
Ayako Matsuzawa, technician, lab manager

Graduate students
Shoji Tsukida
Tomoya Yoshizawa
Takuya Kasai
Gen Nakagawa
Ayaka Yamamuro

Undergraduate students
Yusuke Asai
Nagayoshi Ueoka
Maho Tsutsumi
Ryo Matsuoka

Kazuya Watanabe
1432-1 Horinouchi, Hachioji,
Tokyo, Japan, 192-0392